I was right.

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I went to see if it was dead, and found this:

Gremlin…. Robert R – w4m – 42 (you know who you are.)
Reply to: pers-635506660@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-04-08, 8:01PM MDT

I guess my feelings are one sided, its ok time heals all…
I tried, I put forth the effert to reach out to you, and I got (Broke!)short simple, and not the response I had hoped for.
Its ok I relize allot of damage has been done…and I’am sure you have heard the news by now. I’am so HEART BROKEN as a parent you always want BETTER for you children. Its going to be along hard road for sure. I have to focus on my goals, and dreams and, now help raise another baby, Mom and I. I just pray it will be short lived as every child needs their parents thank God, for the family support its been quit amazing.
I will miss you…kind of like our relationship it too was spent missing you.
Take care of yourself.. I wish you the VERY BEST..in every possible way.

I doubt this is the last message this person will post. I’m sure another thing, somewhere in craigslist, will post a message, and she’ll think it’s yet another message from her long lost…whatever the hell it is.

And am I reading this right? There are children? Why do I get the feeling this individual would be a season-long run of ‘are you the daddy’ on the talkshows?

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