I can’t sleep.

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I really should’ve gone to sleep at around five, so I could be sure that I was awake in time for this thing I have to do early tomorrow. But, obviously, I’m still up. I don’t know why.

I suppose I could be waiting to make sure that Gremlin gets up, so he can wake me up in time. I’m not sure.

If only someone had invented a thing that makes a noise at a predetermined time, so as to awaken a sleeping person.

Instead of sleeping, I’ve been digging through the Idiot Archive, and fixing some broken images. There was a post of Swyndle’s in the Utahraptor section that had a few broken links in it — mostly because of some angelfire hosting thing, but partly because of one image being not-quite-properly-named. So, I fixed that.

I also fixed this post [another of Swyndle’s] in The Red Files. Broken images again.

And, now, I’m working on updating the SystemvsBizzi section to include this post somewhere where random board crashes and active users can’t edit them. Not that I expect them to do anything — they’ve lost everything, now.

That’s turning out to be a lot of very unpleasant work. I’ve got to make sure avatars match up, and get rid of all the extra pointless board images without fucking with the actual posts, just to make it all a little less cluttered-looking and easier to read.

I might also need to do something to bring over a few of the styles, like the quote stuff. Maybe. I don’t know. I’m not sure I care that much right now.

Maybe I should just go to bed. Not that I’ll sleep, oh no. I’ll just curl up and play Spider Solitaire on my DS.

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