Still more selections from the rejected PMs.

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2:56:08 AM sam_smarty1507126: <private> To hunter.the_crazychick hi baby my pens is very strsgiht and blown whats up there

3:21:25 AM hansomehunk23: <private> To hunter.the_crazychick is ur boobs size 38c matches to ur hunder image ?
3:23:27 AM hansomehunk23: ur asl plz
3:23:33 AM hansomehunk23: m/24 NEPAL
3:23:35 AM hansomehunk23: ur ASL plz
3:35:34 AM hansomehunk23: yesssss lick my clitorisssssss, ohhhhhhhhhh, yessssssssssss, I open her cunt lips and put my tongue and sucking her cunt she pressed my head on her cunt and cummed I drink her cunt juice and her cunt is full wet and her cunt lips and clitoris is bright with her wet juice ohhhh what black beauty
3:35:35 AM hansomehunk23: <ding>

7:23:34 AM myhatredseeps: <private> To hunter.the_crazychick Still around in this room?
7:23:46 AM myhatredseeps: <private> To hunter.the_crazychick Learned anything worth writing about?
7:52:06 AM myhatredseeps: <private> To hunter.the_crazychick I knew you wouldn’t respond

I still don’t know who that last one is. They seem to be a very devoted fan, though — dropping in regularly to make sure I’m not active in the room, and then PMing me. Not quite devoted enough to figure out any of my other screennames and bother me there, though.

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One thought on “Still more selections from the rejected PMs.

  1. It’s me. I admit it. At least, I’ll allow you to blame me. Things generally are my fault, except when they aren’t…probably.

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