It’s back.

I was just checking my email, and guess what I found….
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Wow. Just…wow.

Rowan just shared this with me, apparently from chat last night. Now, I share it here….

julio_n_ikko: buxiu you want to know a trick? of your girlfriend has small tits give her viagra and her tits will swell up huge
julio_n_ikko: well the viagra first searches out for dick to swell and finding no dick it will search out the next thing that is pronounced, in a female’s body that would be the tits

Random PM stupidity

I happened to catch this one just after it happened….

12:17:18 AM ahmet_zebari: <private> To hunter.the_crazychick hello iam male from turkey im 38 year old i need a cam sex if your need ? can we make to love by cam?
12:18:23 AM ahmet_zebari: <private> To hunter.the_crazychick why didnt answer me
12:18:40 AM ahmet_zebari: <private> To hunter.the_crazychick dont afraid me i dont eat you and fuck you

And then, this happened. So I decided to respond to it. And it was funny.
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