So, Religion:1 [where I waste the vast majority of my time] has been having some problems with spillover from Islam:2 lately.

Normally, this wouldn’t be a problem. Okay, well, it would. I should know — I was a part of the last spillover problem, and that shit still gets bitched about. But…this was a very special, weird e-domestic-dispute containing spillover.

And it turned into a strange revenge-botting. By which I mean ‘some idiot fills the room with similarly named sockpuppets to prevent others from getting into the room, in order to ‘shut it down”.
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How to make money on the internet.

Ever since the Trainwrecks website went down, I’ve had to dig for my e-drama. It can be hard finding the good stuff, but, sometimes, it just falls right into your lap.

Like the ‘MckDrama’ currently going on right now. Which leads me directly to the title of this post. How to make money on the internet.
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Empty threats.

The tantrum over this page has, shockingly, resulted in absolutely nothing.

And I think I know why….
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