Welcome to the Idiot Archives. This is where you'll find the large archives from the old site as well as any new posts that get sorted out to here.

I'm attempting to combine two entirely seperate sites here, so this could get messy.

    • The Archive of Suck: Utahraptor's Messageboard Postings at Gremlin.net between 1999 and 2000
    • Hutch, just for the fuck of it.
    • meta_human, the 'smartest person in the world'....
    • The RedFiles
    • snake11215 -- the guy who doesn't know dick about snakes -- I wish I still had the threat this guy sent me through YIM....
    • steffen, the corrections officer with the photoshopped images....
    • Smokey0384, from Chat. I don't remember why he's in here
    • The Exiled Angel Incident. I probably shouldn't do this, but...oh well.
    • Systemvsbizzi finally gets where it wants to be, and I've finally taken the time to respond. Sort of. I'll keep working on this.
    • A bit of drama going on in chat right now, which would technically make it a Chat Transcript thing, except I've cut out most of the other chat.