About Hunter

The Basics:

Gender: Female
Birthdate: 17th August 1980
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 100lbs
Location: The Colorado branch of the Mountains of Madness.
Occupation: Professional sofa-clutterer with a second job running up mother’s electricity bill [you try keeping a 1700 mile extension cord plugged in].
Favourite Passtime: Procrastinating.
Religion: None
Interests: Science, teuthids, dinosaurs, diseases…y’know, the usual stuff.

Other Typical Profile Information — usually called ‘favourites’, but I don’t really have many of those:

Hobbies: Unintentionally annoying people, never getting anything done, and magically ruining everything I touch.
Colour[s]: Certain shades of green, Teal [it’s not green, okay?], and, of course, black.
Food: Painkillers. They’re like candy….
Hang-out: Chat, where I don’t have to smell the people….
Books: Just about anything Stephen King wrote, Stiff, Paroxysm.
Movies: Okay, fine. Saw 1-4, Serenity, The Princess Bride, Cube, various assorted zombie movies, and I didn’t hate episode 3. Of Star Wars.
Stuff I Stare at on The Magic TV Box Thing: CSI [Las Vegas, although I’ll stare at the others if I have to], House MD, MST3K, The Daily Show, The Colbert Report, Law&Order [pretty much all of them, although I’m not fond of the non ‘Goren and Eames’ stuff], Carnivale, Penn&Teller’s Bullshit, Criminal Minds, NCIS, Numb3rs, Profiler, M*A*S*H, just about any ‘real-stuff’ show involving forensics….
Authors I’ll Read, Just Because: Stephen King, James Morrow, Gremlin, Douglas Adams, Roald Dahl, Neil Gaiman.
Music I Like: I really don’t know.
Cartoon Character: Gir. Of course it’s Gir. I’m female.
Celebrities: Do serial killers count?

Other Uninteresting Facts:

  • I don’t like kids.
  • I don’t like people, in general.
  • I’m generally too apathetic to hate.
  • …unless a company fucks me over royally. Then I hate.
  • I occasionally worship Cthulhu. When it’s convenient.
  • Horror movies just don’t scare me.
  • The only chatroom I go to these days is Atheists vs. Christians, under Yahoo’s Religion category.
  • Correction. The only chatroom I go to these days is Religion 1, under Yahoo’s Religion category, since Yahoo stripped out its user rooms.
  • Yahoo no longer has chat. I’m mostly on Facebook.
  • I’m occasionally a man.
  • I eat meat.
  • I think PeTA are simultaneously silly and dangerous.
  • I bought a house. I probably shouldn’t have, because I’m not qualified for that level of adult responsibility.
  • I think the word ‘boyfriend’ refers to prepubescent male acquaintances.
  • See above, insert ‘girlfriend’ where ‘boyfriend’ is, and ‘female’ in the place of ‘male’.
  • I met my significant other online. In a chatroom. In 1997. Deal with it.
  • I served in the US Army [active duty]. Sometimes, I’m not very proud of that.
  • I think it’s funny when people on other messageboards come across this site and think they’re being cute and clever when they post about it on their board and then IM me to tell me about how ‘some board somewhere is doing this’ just so they can do exactly what they were bashing about this site.
  • I’m pro-abortion.
  • I sometimes think that parents should have to qualify for parenthood before becoming parents.
  • I’ve run out of ideas, and will have to come up with more later.
  • You know that thing people do where they act like if you talk to someone they don’t like, then you’re obviously taking the side of the person they don’t like? That annoys me a little. I talk to the people I talk to. Just because I do that doesn’t mean I’m taking sides. Leave me out of your personal problems, because I don’t stop chatting with people just because one group doesn’t like them anymore.
  • I think it’s more than *really* annoying when I put a whole bunch of work into something, and then it all gets thrown away by someone else because it’s ‘too much work’ or otherwise inconvenient, and then they take a whole bunch of it anyway without telling me.
  • I really don’t like it when those same people who take my work don’t appreciate anything I do.
  • I have exes I don’t even know about — of both genders.
  • I don’t use drugs that are illegal.
  • I don’t really drink much.

Contact Information:
on ICQ: 2909968
on AIM: EvilCoffeeChick
on YahooIM: EvilCoffeeChick
on MSN: hunter [at] gremlin [dot] net
by Email: hunter [at] gremlin [dot] net
on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/coffeechick

I’m also on other things. I’ve listed them in the menu up there.