The Babysitter

This is a scary, scary story, kids.


Not too long ago, Caller ID wasn’t a thing. And having a second phone line in the house was pretty fancy, and not just what you did because, otherwise, you couldn’t get online without getting kicked off when someone had to make a call.

Yes. That actually happened.

I’m not responsible for any lost sleep.

High Beams.

Y’know what’s kinda interesting? How we went from ‘it’s scary because the threat was in the car and he highbeams saved her’ to ‘the threat was the other car all along–she never made it home.’


And by interesting, I mean ‘boring and predictable.’

Other Dangers

Most of the scary stories in this book have been passed down the years. But the ones in this chapter have been told only in recent times.


They are probably quaint and outdated to the generation that will grow up with the pictures that replaced these.