A Ghost in the Mirror

What follows is an actual photograph of what appears in the mirror when you ‘play’ Bloody Mary.


Oh, Susannah!

Susannah and Jane shared a small apartment near the university where they were students.


…Miskatonic, apparently.

The Voice

Ellen, I’m coming up the stairs.
I’m on the first step….
I’m on the second step….
I’m on the top step….
I’m outside your room….

Ellen, what did I tell you, twenty minutes before I even started coming up the stairs? Did I say ‘summon an eldritch horror?’ I don’t think so. I told you to go to bed. You had plenty of time to end the ritual, but no, I caught you messing with dark powers when you were supposed to be waiting for me to tuck you in. Wait ’till I summon up your father….