2014 Reading Challenge.

Since I’ve only just started reading again, I decided to see if there was some simple, stupid, low-effort way of challenging myself. Like the old Summer Reading Thing libraries had for kids.

It has to be low effort, because, well, if I can’t post consistently to a blog I’ve had for years and years, I can’t be expected to actually, y’know, keep track of what I’ve read. Unless there’s something to do it for me.

But hey, I’ve got the GoodReads app on my phone! And they totally have a challenge.

So I set myself at 100 books in 2014. Totally reasonable and not at all expecting too much of myself, or setting myself up for failure, right? Of course.

I’ve got 8 out of 100 read, and the website says I’m 21 books behind. And I’m probably going to hit a few dead zones looking for stuff to read, because, holy shit, finding new stuff to read is HARD.

Upside? 20th Century Ghosts just came up available. So I get to read that, finally. Once I’m done with what I’m currently reading….

Also, I really need to remember to add things to GoodReads as I start them, and mark them ‘finished’ when I’m done.

I’ll just go ahead and announce my failure now.

Ghost Hunt 2: More Chilling Tales…and two of the worst Choose Your Own Adventures ever.

Sometime last year, I think, I rejoined a cult that I was a member of as a child–the Cult of the Public Library.

You should look into it, by the way. My chosen branch is the Arapahoe Library District. I’ll not mention the particular branch–where I choose to attend services–because it’s fairly near my house [though, weirdly enough, not near enough for me to be included in their district, so I'm just outside their service area, which limits some of my borrowing abilities].

My most recent…I’m running out of ways to make this sound churchian. Fuck. My most recent attendance was actually from home. From bed, even. The library has truly become a magical place. The benediction was a simple submission of my library card number, and a few words typed into a search form. So many books…and I could borrow twelve at once.

Twelve. In the old days, that could hold me for…a day or two, maybe a week if the books were long.

So, I wasted seven on the shittiest ‘nonfiction’ ghost books I could find. Well, five. The other two were Joe Hill books.

I won’t be talking about Joe Hill’s stuff, because one of them was just one story from a collection, and it did not suck.

I don’t like talking about things that don’t suck, because I can’t find words.

I want to talk about one of the ones that sucked. Ghost Hunt 2: MORE Chilling Tales of the Unknown.

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It should say, “Valar morghulis.”

We were out and about today. For reasons. Mostly reasons relating to my shitty memory, probably caused by my anxiety issues. Anyway, we were out.

We ended up at the shooting mall, because that’s where one of the best by-the-slice pizza places I know happens to be. Seriously, it’s awesome. And it’s not in the food court.

And, just because [just because a pin I had went missing, mostly], we went to Hot Topic. Which had a gigantic version of this poster in the window.

The guy working there today [one of three] knows us for some reason, so his greeting was a little more than the standard ‘this sale is going on today’ thing. That was included, but there was also a little banter. And a question about whether or not we wanted anything specific today.

I pointed at the window, “I want that.”

Clerk-dude said, “So do I.”

Which meant, “Damn. Workers get firsties.”

He pointed to the back of the store and said, “Manager, actually. We’re trying to get it on a shirt.”

“If you do, it should say, ‘Valar morghulis.’”

Apparently, the manager said the exact same thing.

Gremlin must’ve caught the tail end of that, because he asked what I thought it should say, and, after I repeated myself, asked what that meant.

“It means ‘All men must die in High Valyrian’. Yes. Shut up. I can pick up words and phrases from TV shows, but I can’t learn Russian.”

But, seriously, the poster should read ‘Valar morghulis’ instead of ‘All men must die.’

It’s kinda neat that there are so many fans of the show around. I even managed to get Gremlin to watch it.

It’s also neat that this season is being promoted this way. As a smug bookreader, I know what’s coming, and I’m really enjoying watching the show-only people panic over this particular promotional line.

I guess people haven’t healed from the Red Wedding yet.

Of course, the show watchers have a much easier time of it. The book readers have much longer wait times: A Dance with Dragons took five years to write, and was released in 2011. Winds of Winter has had a few teaser chapters released, but there’s no real word on the release date of the book. And I was lucky to get into it after the release of Dragons, because that was a six year wait.