That only took forever….

I finally got the last post full of images switched over from Coppermine to Gallery.

That is: the posts with images are now no longer using the Coppermine plugin to pull images from…Coppermine. Instead, they’re either relying on Gallery2 or links to my Images folder.

Now all I have to do is replace a few width/height tags for thumbnails, and rotate a few [hundred] images so they’re facing the right direction.

This is like progress, though….

Edit: more progress. I just went through the entire gallery and rotated the ones that needed rotating. I’m not sure if I got them all, but I at least got the obvious ones. So that’s done.

Also, I went through and resized all the thumbnails being pulled in by WPG2. I wish there was a way to set it so that it would put the thumbnails in at 100 instead of 150, but…there isn’t an obvious one. So I have to do it by hand.

Now I just have to get all my new images uploaded, including the ones from last night. Oh, and go back and tag all the untagged posts. And then maybe I can justify redesigning this thing….

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