Slowly updating.

As you can probably see, there’ve been some changes. I’ll start from the top, I guess….

The image up there that’s my URL is now a link back to the main page. And I’ve removed ‘main’ from the buttons, and added an ‘about me’ and ‘my pets’ thing. Also, I changed the order a bit, and changed ‘Messageboard’ to ‘Forum’.

Then there’s the random image. Instead of one, it’s now four, and they’re smaller. I’m not sure how I feel about them being all in a line like that, though. That wasn’t quite how I wanted it. But I’m okay with it for now….

The categories now collapse, if you have javascript enabled. Or, rather, they expand. And collapse. But the Idiot Archive does not, because I took the easy way out and used a plugin, which won’t allow me to have two instances of it. That’s what I get for being lazy.

Underneath the Idiot Archive, you’ll notice a new list of the five most recent comments, which I might rearrange a bit. I just haven’t settled on the wording yet.

…and I made the Random Product image smaller.

You might also notice that the archive pages [categories, and the date-arranged ones you can get to through the Archives link up top] now no longer show three posts, but show all the posts — title only — in a list.

And you might also notice that the comment form has changed a little bit. Or you might not. I’m not really sure if it’s changed for anyone but me, because I got it to notice that I’m logged in.

Those are the updates. There will be more later.

Go on, say something....