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I now have a PSP. Gremlin got it for me. And fixed it for me, since the previous owner was a douchebag who probably sold it because he was too dumb to figure out that his fucking theme was bogging it down.

It’s one of the new ones. And it’s white, with Darth Vader on the battery door.

So far, I like it.

I haven’t tried any movies on it [although I now have a few that Gremlin moved off his PSP for me], or music, but I did set the kittylump as the wallpaper [like my phone]. It’s become a sort of generic me-wallpaper, I guess.

Anyway…pictures later, or something. Maybe. As if anyone needs to see another one of these things, right?

I kinda wish I’d gotten some proof of that godawful theme. And yes, that probably meant that it was all custom firmwared and everything, but I don’t care. I can do that again later. I just wanted the damned thing to start up properly and not get stuck. Because I wanted to spend less battery on that, and more on Loco Roco.

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