Like fun, but different.

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I rented House of the Dead 2&3 [for the Wii] from Gamefly…and, it’s like fun, but different. In fact, fun might be on the other side of the sun from this game.

I mean, seriously. Why the fuck is my Wii telling me that I’m out of fucking credits, and that I should put more coins in? There’s no place for that. I don’t like it at all.

It got me to go back to Umbrella Chronicles, though, which is fun, right up until you get stuck in one of those single-player missions. Apparently, the game’s idea of fair is Wesker vs. Everyfuckingthing. All at once.

…and I’d like to know why Wesker can get hurt. And has a health bar. And why the other infected things keep attacking him. Shouldn’t they ignore him like they ignore eachother?

Don’t mind me. I’m just annoyed and bitter, because they hid a very special mission after a very impossible mission. And, if I ever get enough stars together to really upgrade the weapons enough, I might try to unlock it.

Or, I might just sit here and replay an easier mission until Gremlin wakes up. Because co-op is even more fun.

Edit: this was supposed to be posted before I went to bed this morning, but it didn’t. Some sort of internal server error got in my way, and I didn’t notice. Oops.

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