So, stuff came up….

I’m supposed to be working on a website for someone.

I’m supposed to be fixing a computer for someone else.

I really should be working on stuff for the store — possibly even working on getting some of that stuff into other stores, so that I can get stuff sold without having my right to mark up products and the profits I would’ve gained from my own markup stripped from me through potentially inaccurate reporting.

The website thing is going along as well as can be expected. I’m learning new things, and learning how to implement those new things. But there were some delays in all that, including Swyndle showing up for a week. Ish. Not entirely his fault; I can’t work on some things if there’s anyone else in the room sometimes. And there were other things going on at the same time that kept me from focusing.

So I’m not blaming him.

Now? I could easily be working on a lot of things, but something else came up.

The books. Gremlin’s books. They’re at Which means I really, really, really need to do what I was supposed to do and write short descriptions.


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