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That previous LiteCigUSA post. I guess I never followed up on it.

The battery thing was my own confusion, and nobody else’s. At least, I assume it was, after doing a whole bunch of online research. But that’s fine. Now I’ve got two short and two long. It…still works out nicely, in that weird, even sort of way. And, while the short ones don’t last quite as long, they do fit into pockets more easily.

I got a second charger and a spare atomiser in that order, too. I’m using this dual USB/wall adapter thingie [that I got with an iPod charging kit from newegg] instead of the wall adapter that came with the original kit. That thing’s now charging my iPod quite nicely.

As for the liquids….

Vanilla, as usual, isn’t quite up to my standards. That’s not their fault, though. I’m just entirely too picky about vanilla. Cotton Candy is…not quite cottoncandyish, but it does taste…sorta like…I’m not sure, actually. But it’s interesting. The RY4 is good. The ‘mystery bottle’ is, I assume, the Power Puff, which is a more…tobaccoey version of the RY4, as far as I can tell.

The menthol is…surprisingly good. And I love the mint. It’s just…incredible. And, fortunately, it’s one of the few flavours LiteCigUSA sells in 50ml bottles. I may have to get some more, at some point.

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