Windows 7

I decided to upgrade, and the ‘LOL U STILL USE XP?’ tester from Microsoft’s website said I was pretty much ready, so…I went for it.

First, I tested it on Gremlin’s computer. That went well — only an audio driver issue, but, really, if that’s it, then that’s not a big deal.


I didn’t want to go for the standard easy install; I wanted to preserve XP and run a dual-boot system. I had a spare partition, so…why not?

I put in the disc, and boot from it. MACHINE_CHECK_EXCEPTION.

Goddamnit. Reboot. Try again. Same thing. And, because I’m crazy, I try this a few more times before I start trying to pull hardware to see if that’s what’s causing the problem.

Not the RAM. Good. I need that. Can’t test the videocard — no onboard video. Okay, CPU’s a little hot, but I don’t know when that thermal compound I ordered will be coming in [which relates to a subject that will probably be a different post altogether], so I can’t do shit about that right now. Also, probably not the problem.

What’s that leave? Can’t pull the DVD drive — I need that. What about the SATA drives.

Goddamnit. It’s the SATA drives.

Why the fuck is it the SATA drives? Internet? No answer? Really? I hate you so much.

And, of course, my external rescue gadgety thing is either flaking the fuck out now that it’s started falling apart [just ornamental bits of plastic], or it just doesn’t like drives larger than 500gb. So, Newegg, dear friend, help me out here. Gimme…something. Something hot-swappable, external, and dual.

So, here I am, on Windows 7, limited to two IDE drives that are pretty much full. I have no way of really doing anything about that right now. And all of Gremlin’s backups are on my 650, so I’m predicting a murder sometime over the weekend.

Other than that, Windows 7 is pleasant to use. It’s a lovely combination of Windows XP and Linux [at least, to me it is]. It’s easy enough to figure out, and I’ve been able [after a few threats with the Fixin’ Hammer] to pull in a lot of my stuff for Digsby, Firefox, Thunderbird, and all that from my old installation to this new one.

Also, I went against my better judgment and installed the 64 bit version. That was…fun.

Apparently, Logitech are having some website issues, and you have to google search for their setpoint 64, and then find one of their people in their forums posting a link to it. What the fuck, Logitech?

I haven’t installed my Wacom yet, although the idea of being able to use the touch thing on one of the newer ones is…somewhat enticing. I kinda wish I had one.

That’s kinda it. I still don’t know what to do about the SATA thing, and I’m hesitant to do anything that might wipe out the data. I don’t even know if sound works yet, because all my MP3s are trapped on useless chunks of metal that Windows 7, for some retarded reason, won’t let me have hooked up. But, in spite of that, I’m actually pleased with Windows 7.

In case you’re wondering — I never used Vista. I have a bit of a rule about Windows — only every OTHER new OS. 98 was okay, ME wasn’t. XP was okay, but Vista wasn’t, so 7 can stick around for a bit.

Maybe I should go find another way to test out the sound….

3 thoughts on “Windows 7

  1. I’ve been getting a mad itch to build a new tower lately. Part of me is especially loathe to engage in combat with a new OS. But Chris’ laptop has been overheating lately and that’s the only place where he has, well, all of the websites. He does backup, about twice a year. Unfortunately he updates the sites constantly. Desktops being inherently more stable, plus wanting to play a few games, I just need to get over it and build one. Just gotta save up a little bit first.

    So thanks for trying out 7 first. I really didn’t want to be first.

  2. I know you haven’t had a lot of time to play around with it, but what are some plusses and minuses for Windows 7 for those of us in the linux camp?

    Sure I can’t build the entire OS out of text files and caffiene, but I didn’t build my Wii’s OS either and I still use that.

    Also, what’s a legit copy run these days? Would it be a better idea to buy another laptop for the distributed compile farm and just yank the os and product key from that?

    Re SATA woes, would something like this guy help? It’s on Newegg and about $40. I’m assuming you’ve got a router kicking around.

  3. I’m not really sure about pros and cons compared to Linux. In a very shallow way, it’s a similar experience, except it’s glossed over in an ‘are you sure?’ sort of way.

    Also: drivers. I had an easier time tracking down and installing drivers for a couple of things with Linux than with this.

    As for obtaining it, go the laptop route if you can. Gives you a whole ‘nother computer, and, if you end up hating it, you at least have a computer you can ‘fix’.

    And I bought an external SATA thing. Takes two drives, and all that. It’s USB, and it was as good a temporary fix as I could find on short notice. If we had more room on the network, I’d probably have something that served as external network storage.

    Excuse my lack of helpfulness.

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