NES Controller TV Stand

I’m a terrible slacker. We all know this about me. And, like all terrible slackers, my slacking tends to bite me in the ass, like it did yesterday.

See, I was supposed to be clearing out some space over the weekend to be ready for this incredible custom TV stand a friend of mine was building for me. But, between my general feeling-like-shit and laziness, I ended up going to bed before I was really done. Because it’s me, I went to bed at around seven Monday morning.

Right around noon, Gremlin wakes me up, telling me that it’s time — they’re going to bring it over now, so we need to move some stuff.

I wasn’t awake at all, but I got up and did it anyway. Then, I watched as my spiffy new TV stand made its way down the stairs and into a clear-ish area. This is a pretty difficult task, partly because I’m not exactly the tidiest person in the world, and partly because this house was designed by a committee of first year special ed students. Who’d grown up in grass huts, and had never seen stairs, or furniture.

My reaction to all this was probably disappointing, because I was too tired to be excited by anything. After everyone left, I went the fuck back to bed, and slept for another five or six hours — really terrible sleep, by the way. I never got very deep, and the dream I was having involved getting angry messages from various people on Facebook, right before the people sending the messages unfriended me.

Once I woke up, the first thing I did was check and make sure it actually was a dream. Then, I tried to wake up enough to get the old ‘shit the TV was sitting on’ torn down, and the new TV stand in place.

This took some effort.

Once I had all the old shit out of the way, and the new stand roughly where I wanted it [but with enough room behind it so I could run all the cables that needed running], I started, well, running all the cables I needed to run. At least, all the cables to the big, important bits: the DVR, the BluRay/sound system thing, and the TV.

I wanted to get those done first, because I needed to know if I’d managed to kill anything this time. Also, I needed to know which damn cables I’d need to switch around, so I didn’t have to fuck around with the remote again.

Nothing turned on. Shit.

I go behind the stand again, check to see if everything has a power cable coming out of the back. Check to see if they’re plugged into the beast of a surge protector. The sound system wasn’t. Okay. Plug that in, and try again. Maybe the signal just didn’t get through. I’ll do it from the switches on the items themselves.

Nothing. Again.

What the fuck? The DVR is on, so…oh.


The DVR is plugged into the part of the power strip that isn’t controlled by the switch. I forgot to switch the fucking thing back on.


The player has had The Avengers in it since…I don’t know when. Because I was too impatient to wait for the DVR to get the fucking guide back, we watched that instead. And that’s what’s going on here. The Avengers, on my TV, on top of my gigantic NES controller TV stand. Surrounded by a mess of ‘shit that needs to be put into the stand’.

Yeah. In. It opens up, and stuff goes inside.


This would be part of the halfassed sorting I ended up doing. For some reason, I didn’t think all of my DVD-case-sized games were going to fit into the six DVD-case-sized-game-drawers, so I was trying to figure out which ones I could stash somewhere else, and which ones would go where, and in what order.


That wasn’t necessary, though. They all fit.


Really. We kinda have a lot of games, and they all fit.


See? Also, in a couple of the previous pictures, you can see three smaller drawers. Those fit old style NES carts, and CD cases. N64 carts also fit. SNES carts are slightly too wide, but those can be arranged differently. And I don’t exactly have a ton of them. The thing was built with the NES and modern consoles in mind, anyway.


It’s not all game storage, either. There are two deep shelves, where I’m stashing the consoles I don’t have hooked up all the time, and one nice drawer that can hold all my controllers and currently unused cables.


And this is my gun collection. There are two slide out panels that will serve as a ‘gun rack’ once I’ve got hooks for it.

You’ll have to excuse the crappy pictures and the crappier post. I’m still not feeling all that great. I’ll try to get better pictures later, because this thing deserves it. I didn’t even get any shots of the wonderful holes in the back and sides for cable routing.

I’ll also have to include a link to the person who built this once I’m not typing on my Nexus.

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