This will be short.

Mostly because I’m just going to make some excuses. 

I haven’t had much to say, partly because I’ve been saying most of it on Facebook. 

Most of that?  Well, most of that was about my cat.  But the other most of it was the new medication my doctor was sending to me.

There’s a story there.  Short version: 3 AM email resulted in a prescription and a rapid reassignment to a new mental health doctor. 
And I just took my first dose of that new medication, after hours of ‘will it kill me?’

It’s been about fifteen or twenty minutes, maybe.  Maybe thirty.  I’m waiting to see how badly I react to it, and hoping it’s not too bad.

So, yeah.  No posts because panic.  Panic = can’t be coherent = nothing worth writing.

Go on, say something....