A productive day.

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I am currently blogging from bed.  Using my Nexus, and the Keyboard of Crampedness.  And my hands hurt a lot.

But, I’m feeling pretty good about myself.

Today started yesterday.  After not getting to sleep when I wanted to, because of that awful ‘I’m queasy and that makes me anxious which makes me queasy’ thing, I ended up not falling asleep until after the sun was up.  At some point, I remember getting up to answer the door.

That was good and bad.  Good, because it was a two-day-late package.   Bad because the other thing I was expecting from the same shipping company was not with it. 

Extra bad, because that other package included a tool that I really needed for the other thing I was expecting.

I’ll save all that for another post, though.

Today was about ‘things I can actually complete’.  Today was about fixing the waterbed.

I had a new mattress, a pad, and a new liner coming.  And I had to properly attach and reinforce the foot of the bed. 

Step 1: Drain. 

I don’t actually know how you’re supposed to do this — the whole hose-and-gravity-and-something-magical-water-does thing doesn’t make sense to me, and I think it takes forever, so I have a pump that drains it for me.  That means it goes fairly quickly, and I don’t need any help.

Step 2: Reattach and reinforce foot. 

When my parents were out here in 2010, my dad helped me pick out some parts to do that, which were all nicely stored in a little container, waiting for that magical day when I was feeling capable of actually doing something.  That day was today.  I drilled holes, and screwed in screws, and managed the foot of a California King waterbed all by myself.

I did this by cleverly using boxes and clothes to hold things in place.

Step 3: Put in the new liner.

But wait, first there’s the moment of paranoia about the new brackets maybe having hidden sharp points.  So I put bits of cardboard over them.  Then, because I didn’t want the liner to shift, I used velcro to hold it in place.

Step 4: Fill the new mattress.  Properly this time.

I did very well at this.  I can tell because I’m super comfortable right now. 

About halfway through all that, a friend of ours [Jessica] showed up.  Because we’d planned on a little ‘unfucking’ of my habitat, and I might need help with the bed.

I did not.  I did it all by myself.  Little, useless me.

We ended up watching Sherlock while the bed filled.

Then, we took a trip to WalMart, where I got some cleaning supplies, and a couple of other things I needed [non-broken hamper, a larger trash can], and then came back here to do a little ‘unfucking’.

While I scrubbed out the bath tub, Jessica worked some sort of dark fucking magic on the kitchen. 

And now, I’m blogging from bed.  Because I’m pleased with myself, and tired.

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