2014 Reading Challenge.

Since I’ve only just started reading again, I decided to see if there was some simple, stupid, low-effort way of challenging myself. Like the old Summer Reading Thing libraries had for kids.

It has to be low effort, because, well, if I can’t post consistently to a blog I’ve had for years and years, I can’t be expected to actually, y’know, keep track of what I’ve read. Unless there’s something to do it for me.

But hey, I’ve got the GoodReads app on my phone! And they totally have a challenge.

So I set myself at 100 books in 2014. Totally reasonable and not at all expecting too much of myself, or setting myself up for failure, right? Of course.

I’ve got 8 out of 100 read, and the website says I’m 21 books behind. And I’m probably going to hit a few dead zones looking for stuff to read, because, holy shit, finding new stuff to read is HARD.

Upside? 20th Century Ghosts just came up available. So I get to read that, finally. Once I’m done with what I’m currently reading….

Also, I really need to remember to add things to GoodReads as I start them, and mark them ‘finished’ when I’m done.

I’ll just go ahead and announce my failure now.

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