Picnic, and stuff.

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Today was busy. Sort of.

I went to a picnic.

We kinda do it every year, as third-hand guests. It’s this picnic some local Freemasons hold every year right around this time, and a friend’s dad is a mason, and that friend invites us along.

I didn’t go last year, but I made it this year. And we took both ZBoards.

…didn’t take the bug spray, or the sunscreen that we got, but we took the ZBoards.

I’m getting better at riding one. Which is good, because we parked way on the other side of the park it was being held at. And half the paths are these poorly maintained strips of road material. Asphalt or something. The nice sidewalks are awesome, but those strips of asphalt are hell. And I was wearing boots instead of proper ‘skate shoes’, which, if you’ve never been on a skateboard? This is ill-advised. You’d think, ‘oh, I want to have plenty of support and comfort because I’ll be standing up’, but no. You want shoes that will wreck your arches and do nothing but act as slightly more rugged socks. Because you want to stick to the board and actually feel the board so you’ve got a better sense of what you’re doing.

I managed anyway. Just at a fairly slow speed.

I also figured out that, hey, if I move my rear leg to about a foot away from the brake pedal, it’s slightly easier to stand, and I might have a bit more control.

Unfortunately, I figured that out a bit after I found out that the belt is starting to get a little shitty.

And I still hate the attention those boards bring. Nobody got shitty about the whole ‘riding an electric skateboard on a bike path’ thing. Everyone was all ‘oh those are neat how fast can they go electric right where do you get them?’

Really hate that.

Also, I may have a sunburn.


As for other stuff, I haven’t done much. I got out of the house yesterday, went to the library, almost made it to a used book store, but ended up with used books anyway, because there were thrift stores involved in the trip.

And I had to push my GoodReads goal up a bit. Well, I didn’t have to, but I felt like I should. Because I actually made it to 100.

In part because I finally discovered Terry Pratchett.

There may be forty or so books in that whole series, but it is so worth it.

So I’m now at 102 of 150 in my reading challenge. And only 23 books ahead.

I’m only seventeen books into Discworld, though….

On that subject, I lost a lot of book time today to other people.

It’s book time.

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