Thing I did: Successful vape juice recipes.

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This week, I finally figured out how to mix my own cookie-flavoured ecig liquid.

This might not seem like a big deal, but it kinda is.

It’s, like, a hundred dollars worth of a big deal.

Yeah, I was a little shocked, too. Shit’s, like, a dollar a ml for the good stuff, and that can get ridiculous. Especially if you’re a heavy user. And I might be.

I started working on it because Gremlin was going through a bottle of 24mg Chocolate a day, and you couldn’t get chocolate anywhere locally. If he ran out, he’d revert back to regular cigarettes–something I really want to stop.

Chocolate is easy. Just a matter of finding the right chocolate concentrate. And I finally did, so I mixed up four ounces.

That should be enough for now.

My tastes were a bit weirder. It took a while, but I finally worked out a cookie that didn’t end up tasting like Play-doh.

In the process, I also found a reasonable cinnamon bun.

I’m not sure what I’m going to try next.

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