Oh yeah. Forgot….

I meant to add the thing from the forum to the bizzi section of the Idiot Archive. Just did that.

And I’m working on something else for there, too, in between bouts of frustration with other projects.

I can’t sleep.

I really should’ve gone to sleep at around five, so I could be sure that I was awake in time for this thing I have to do early tomorrow. But, obviously, I’m still up. I don’t know why.

I suppose I could be waiting to make sure that Gremlin gets up, so he can wake me up in time. I’m not sure.
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That was annoying.

I made the mistake of updating Gallery, so a bunch of stuff was broken for a while. And a few things are still broken, because it replaced my theme.

I’ll get to it later, when I’m not annoyed by the fact that a bunch of plugins are suddenly needed, when they weren’t before….