A few things.

First: Happy Birthday, Mom.

Yes. I’m not kidding. My mom’s birthday is today.

And, since it’s April First: http://aprilfoolsdayontheweb.com/.

Also, I meant to post this yesterday. Since it’s weird.

And there’s this, which is old, but still worth sharing.

Blizzard Video

As I mentioned before, I stepped outside to get a little video of the snow. It’s just the view from my front door — the big tree, maybe a peek at the neighbours’ cars. Nothing too specific, really. Lots of snow, and wind, and some really, really noisy birds that seem to have settled into the tree. You probably can’t see them in the video, though. Hear them, yes, but not see them.

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Yeah, um, I don’t know what to put here.

I’ve got a couple of youtube videos…I’m just not sure what to say about them, except that they’re odd little cartoony…ads…for keychains. Keychains.
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