Once again, it’s been a long couple of days.

The monitor to replace the monitor that needed to be fix finally reappared from Repairland, leaving only the weird, temperamental videocard issues that Gremlin’s tower has had since day one. So I spent a night reformatting that instead of doing anything else.

Exciting, huh?
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More bad signs….

So, the monitor we got to replace the monitor that broke [because we didn’t think the other one would ever reappear]…broke. Which tells me a lot about why Acers are always on sale. And we sent it in.

And today, I get a call from someone — I never got her name, or, rather I never understood it because she must’ve been talking to me through a slab of styrofoam wrapped cheese, or something — telling me to call her back at her direct line.

Why? Because they have a monitor that doesn’t match any of their records.

Lucky me.
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Why are my Pringles smaller? WHY?!

You bastards. They better not taste different….

Ah, hell. They do. They’re no longer nummy, salty goodness.