The Great Router Adventure Continues.


‘Hey, a new router. For cheap. Why not?’
‘What the hell, where’s my storage?’
‘Where’s my internet?’
‘You’re probably going to have to take it back and get a new one….’

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I did a thing. A lot of things, actually.

It’s actually been a very busy few days. Busy damn month, really. I spent a weekend trying to fix a thoroughly virused computer, which actually involved letting 8.1 download overnight because, seriously, it took that long. Then, my phone broke. Really broke. Like, no more phone broke.

Which is where my adventure started.

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I left my last therapy appointment with some paperwork about breathing exercises to derail anxiety [which only seem to work some of the time] and the beginnings of a very strange urge.

I didn’t quite have any idea what that urge was at the time, but it eventually came to me: I wanted new dogtags.

My old ones disappeared at some point. They were standard military issue, which makes me very nervous about the fact that they’ve disappeared…and they just didn’t identify me anyway. Not now.

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