The start of a new series, maybe.

iconSo, as we all know, I have problems. One of those problems is insomnia. Another problem? I like to read.

Those two problems sometimes combine into an unstoppable force.

When this happens, I often find myself in bed, reading Reddit.

And, because using a computer while pretending that I’m totally going to sleep, no really is uncomfortable, I’m usually reading Reddit on my phone.

We also know that I have this blog.

These two things combined last month into a truly cunning plan: why not download all the Reddit apps and see what they’re like, and find one that isn’t 100% intolerable.

So, I did that.

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eCig stuff

After trying to quit the old-fashioned way [with the help of an app or two], I gave up and switched back to eCigs.

I think I’ve been using eCigs fully since December.

I posted pictures of my new gear on Facebook, and the ensuing conversation revealed that my brother-in-law brews his own liquids.

He sent me some.

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Useless Kickstarter Thing: Pressy

Let me preface this by explaining the use of ‘useless’ in the concept of ‘Useless Kickstarter Thing’. The object itself may or may not be useless–in some cases, things that come out of Kickstarter are usable, used, and have many uses indeed. The ZBoard, for example, was a Kickstarter project, and it is all those things. The Pebble was the first ‘smart watch’, and it came out of Kickstarter.

However, the nature of Kickstarter, to me? It’s a place where things that people think ‘should’ exist go to get the money to make them. And, while things that ‘should’ exist often have uses, they’re not often essential or ‘useful’.

That is, they are things that we live without, and things that real venture capitalists wouldn’t throw a tiny percentage of their metric fucktons of money at.

I have opinions on Kickstarter beyond that, but, since this particular object did not come from a Kickstarter I was involved in personally, I will leave them for later, once I’m sure about them. I mean, I’m sure about them now, but I’m going to wait until I have the product in hand, or I’m sure I will never have the product in hand, to relate them.

I will, in short, wait until my personal experience with Kickstarter leads to a fully informed opinion.

Now, on to the Pressy.

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