The start of a new series, maybe.

iconSo, as we all know, I have problems. One of those problems is insomnia. Another problem? I like to read.

Those two problems sometimes combine into an unstoppable force.

When this happens, I often find myself in bed, reading Reddit.

And, because using a computer while pretending that I’m totally going to sleep, no really is uncomfortable, I’m usually reading Reddit on my phone.

We also know that I have this blog.

These two things combined last month into a truly cunning plan: why not download all the Reddit apps and see what they’re like, and find one that isn’t 100% intolerable.

So, I did that.

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Hulu plus. Plus what, exactly?

So, yeah, slacking again. What have I done recently? Well, there was that week that I spent in bed [probably depression related], and then the extra day I spent in bed [my intestines exploded — it was very yucky], so I haven’t been doing much of anything.

That last day I spent in bed, though, I ended up experimenting with a free trial of Hulu+.

I won’t be paying them.

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I was going to do a post about something else, but it’s going to take a while. There’s going to be images — might even be stuff I drew.

But I’m not.

I’m also not doing any of the other post ideas I have lined up.

Instead, I’m procrastinating. And I’m posting about it.
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