Hulu plus. Plus what, exactly?

So, yeah, slacking again. What have I done recently? Well, there was that week that I spent in bed [probably depression related], and then the extra day I spent in bed [my intestines exploded — it was very yucky], so I haven’t been doing much of anything.

That last day I spent in bed, though, I ended up experimenting with a free trial of Hulu+.

I won’t be paying them.

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I think I was better off never doing anything.

I kinda forgot: the light switch was replaced without any serious issue, although I still get twitchy if anything smells even remotely like burning.

For example: I came home last night to the faintest smell of ‘smells like wood burning’, and I had to check absolutely everywhere. It was probably a smell that drifted in from one of the neighbours having a little fire outside.

Yesterday, though….

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Why I Will Never Be A Grownup: Part 1 of an Infinite Series.

I’m a big fan of honesty and not hiding things, so let’s be up front about something: I am a complete failure when it comes to behaving like a grownup.

I’m thirty-two. I have no fucking clue how that happened — my best guess is that time snuck by while my back was turned, on a rocket or something.

Shit, lost the thread already. This does not bode well.

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