Sharing the lulz.

So, there’s this idiot in chat — writerinindia. He’s…a very special sort of idiot. For the past few years, he’s been coming to the room [R:1, and AvC before that] complaining that the Indian government is harassing him for writing, demanding that he not write, and making it so that he can’t [by keeping him too poor to do anything but stay in cheap hotels and get online at an internet cafe every night].

So, he’s a special sort of crazy. And he’s obsessed with me — and the kidney racket he thinks I run. He seems to think that Gremlin is the doctor I’ve hired to harvest the kidneys. And that my house is made out of lino-eum. Or something.
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Wait, what? Craigslist edition.

So, here I was, miding my own business, watching Law&Order:CI [because there was nothing better to do], when a conversation happened.

Not an unusal event. Conversations happen all the time, especially through IM. Some of them are stupid. This one wasn’t in that category.

Then things got weird.
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