Dear Traveller’s Tales, please pay attention to me.

Yeah, hi there. I’m just some twit who plays some of the games you’ve released – pretty much just the Lego Games, and not all of them. I have no interest in Lego Rock Band, for example.

You had a good thing there with Lego Star Wars. Lego Batman and both of the Lego Indy games…don’t exactly recapture it in all it’s entertaining awesomeness, but what is? When you introduce something this awesome with a game that includes magical fucking powers the force, everything else is going to feel strangely inadequate.

I have hope for Lego Harry Potter – though…slightly less hope than I previously had, now that I’ve played Lego Indy 2.
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What do I want for Christmas?

The 15-20″ Plush Doll one of these. The Petri Dish ones wouldn’t suck, but…I really want the big one. I already have the original.