I Did A Thing: Gauge Cluster Swap

So, I have this Jeep.

Specifically, I have a 1995 Jeep Cherokee SE, with a 4.0 and an AW4 automatic transmission and no 4WD.

It’s barely a Jeep at all.

And it came with idiot lights instead of gauges. Or, at least, it came to me with idiot lights instead of gauges. I don’t know why anyone would willingly swap that shit, but who can tell. Someone, at some point, did some batshit insane things to it, like cutting the shit out of the radio wires, and mangling the interior fuse box.

Doesn’t matter. It’s mine now. And I seem to be able to do something about it.

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Adventures in Anxiety: My first car.

I made it to age 33 without owning a car.

A lot of you are probably wondering how the hell anyone does that. Well, I threw a lot of my money at debts, and at buying a house, and then I just couldn’t save up enough to actually buy a car I wanted.

Also? I can’t drive.

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