Bad, bad day….

I went to bed this morning at around five, intending to sleep until noon, and wake up to take care of a few things. That…didn’t exactly go according to plan.

I think I managed to get to sleep at around six. Then, fifteen minutes later, Zombi made that noise. I’m sure you know the noise, if you’ve ever owned a cat. The ‘I’m in pain. I’m in a lot of pain. I’d really like it to stop now. Oh, the pain I’m in. Why am I in pain?’ noise that’s much, much worse than the ‘You’ve stepped on me. Please don’t do that.’ noise.
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Zombi, in audio form.

I recorded Zombi the other day — initially, I’d intended it to be video, was kinda dark in here, and filming a black cat in the dark? Kinda leads to a lot of black.

It’s really too bad, too, because somewhere in all that dark [toward the end], she gets up realy close to the camera, sniffs it, then headbutts it and does that cute kitty rubbing-up-against-it thing.

So I converted it to an mp3. It’s three minutes of me trying to get Zombi to meow.

And she does. Just…not as much as she usually meows.