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I’ve been doing that thing where I just sit around and watch movies again — mostly old ones, but there were two newer ones just now. Pan’s Labyrinth and Aeon Flux.

I didn’t hate either of them.

Pan’s Labyrinth was very…artsy and odd, but very enjoyable, even though I had to read the movie. It helped that it sounded like the movie was actually in The Spanish You Learn In School, and not that shit they speak in the real world.

And, of course, I loved the Pale Man [the thing with his eyes in his hands]. Who didn’t see that coming?

I thought I was going to absolutely hate Aeon Flux, because, well, MTV made movie? Of a cartoon that I vaguely remember from…ages ago. I think I was okay with it because I don’t remember the cartoon all that well.

It was moderately entertaining and somewhat unique. I mean, sure, it was a little like The Island, which was a little like Parts: The Clonus Horror, but all movies are like that. I guess maybe it caught me in just the right mood, or something….

I don’t know what’s going to be next. I’m a little concerned that three reports to Netflix in a month will make them freeze my account, or something [two Bond films never showed, and the copy of Evolution disc 1 that showed up last night was so chipped and cracked that I didn’t even try to put it into my player]. I hope not. I think I’ve been a very good customer for several years now, and although I find the fact that they don’t have certain movies to be very unpleasant, I can deal with it. Also, I really, really want to get through the whole first season of Criminal Minds, since I missed almost all of it.

I guess you’ll know about that when I do, though….

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