PSA: Girls? It’s okay to google the screennames of the ones you love.

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I’m breaking a promise I’m pretty sure I made, if not to someone that actually matters to me, then to myself. Sometimes, other things get in the way. Sometimes, a sense of decency comes out of nowhere like some horrible slimy thing, and wrecks everything.

Sometimes, you’re faced with a list of victims that turns into the infected wound you can no longer ignore, and it stops being the thing that you first groan at, then giggle over, because really, it’s kinda funny, isn’t it? But it’s not.

Zenmonk_Genryu just isn’t funny anymore.

Sure, skippystalin’s posts are still very entertaining, and there’s this one post on a messageboard that’s kindasorta funny because, well, I don’t know. Just because. But there’s some unfunny stuff out there. It’s actually all very sad.

I’m going to link to these things, and I’d like to say that I’m sorry in advance for linking to these people. I just feel that writing this, and posting these links, is somehow very important, because of deep and secret search engine magic. I’m not looking for attention on this — I don’t want to be involved as anything other than someone who happened to hear about it.

I just don’t want anyone else to get involved, either. This is badness. It should be taken seriously. You do not want to get involved with this person. You do not want to send this person money. As if the internet didn’t already have a bad enough name — this guy is out there making it worse. Not only is he hurting women [who really don’t need any more trouble in their lives], he’s completely trashing what little credibility we e-people have.

skippystalin: INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL EXTRADIONAIRE — This post, and the following two, are probably the most entertaining you’re going to find on this particular subject at this moment. The site probably isn’t safe for work at all, due to the very tasteful use of the female figure on many parts of the page. When you’re done with all this, you might enjoy reading some of his other articles.
The Further Adventures of Fast Johnny Fuckhead
I’ll Make You Famous: The New Adventures of Crazy Johnny Arkle

Van Gogh Chica You’ll have to do some digging through the blog — there are a series of long, very personal posts about this man and his pattern of behaviour. I think it’s safe to say that there is a pattern, because there’s been at least three. Or four, if you count his wife.

Things as they really are…wake up! If the previous URL wasn’t enough to convince me that I should post, then this one was. Here’s a woman going through chemo that he did roughly the same things to, except I don’t think the relationship was sexual.

Information Re: Zenmonk Genryu / John Arkle This is an official sort of post from [a forum] with some of the more important fact-type details about this situation. Or, at least, the important details about his status as a monk, doing whatever it is that he claims he’s been doing.

Again, let me say that I’m sorry for linking, I’m not looking for attention, or anything of that sort. I’m looking to save you from a very expensive [emotionally and financially] mistake. These stories aren’t because this guy left him. This isn’t the Catty Ex Club come together to smear someone’s otherwise good online name. I’ve never been involved with this person, and I don’t know either of the two females whose blogs I linked to. I have spoken to skippystalin, and I do know someone who was involved with him, but this has nothing to do with either of them, either.

This is all for the person who would read this and think these things about me, and decide to comment and tell me that I must be a bitter ex, or someone who was rejected outright, and that I should stop helping to spread all these horrible lies about people, or else.

Or else what, I don’t know. I suppose there could be nasty stories spread about me, and how horrible I am to animals, or, worse, an invasion of a sockpuppet brigade of his ‘thuggish friends’, who will ‘hurt me’, just like they want to hurt skippy.

I’ve faced worse bullies, online and offline.

Just think. Don’t get angry at me. Read, maybe contact a few people, and if you stop being all swoony, you’ll notice that things don’t match up properly. And then you can move on to someone better, because there are real, trustworthy males out there online, and you can find a good, lasting relationship with someone you met in a chatroom. Just not with this guy. You can’t fix him. His ex isn’t the one that broke him. Don’t pay like the others did.  And warn your friends, while you still can.

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  1. I think on eof the biggest problems in this kind of relationship, is that the victim has the very best of intentions, and the perpetrator has the very worst. I had a similar problem (though there was no sex involved). He moved to Denver in 2003, and it was only a little over a year ago that I finally could take no more and cut off all contact with him. Thew worst part is that I put my family through that drama and abuse for three years. And it all started so innocently, because he was someone who shared my spirituality and there aren’t a whole lot of those around. Gets to be a tad lonely. So of course I was more than happy to help him out when he wanted a fresh start in a new city. Yeah. Well, the rest you can read in any number of blogs, forums, and chats over the internets. These people are just users. They go around and use people up until there’s nothing more to gain from them, and then they move on to the next person. They won’t change, because they don’t see a need and would never want to. That’s just the way some people are.

    • Oddly, just a day or so after I last posted, I heard from that fucknut again. Kinda. He ran into a good friend (who also happens to be about thrice his size and is very overly-protective of me) and said he wants to apologize. He was duly informed he was apologizing to the wrong person, after pleading his way out of a wrestling lock he had found himself in.

      Odd how people can be so very endearing even doing things you don’t necessarily approve of.

      Anyway, I said he could e-mail me, thinking I’d go ahead and post what the fake apology is going to typically look like, but it hasn’t come, and I now doubt it will. “I’m so sorry I took advantage of you, estranged you from all your friends, and generally made your life miserable. Let me do it again, please?” Pffft.

      Yeah. Anyway, it amused me that he popped up again right after hearing about such similar drama again.

      • So, I made the huge mistake of helping this guy out. Only to be screwed over. Unfortunately.. I’m only now looking him up online.. And sure enough, he’s on his way to the next woman he’s been lying to for months..About to take her for everything she’s got.. I just don’t know what to do. I tried to warn her, but he’s a sociopath style liar. She’s totally snowed!

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