It never fails….

And by ‘never fails’, I mean ‘never fails to fail’.

I woke up about two hours ago to find that the two 500gb drives I’d ordered had been delivered…at some point earlier in the day. Which is great, because…well, maybe not so.

You see, I have this thing with computers. I’m reasonably good at putting them together and making them work, but there’s always a non-monetary cost — a whole crapload of stress because something stupid goes wrong.

This time? Well, first I had to figure out why the hell my computer didn’t want to detect the new drive, which was pretty easy, because I was expecting that. It’s a newer SATA drive, and I have older SATA ports. So I had to track down the jumper settings for the drive. Annoying, but simple.

…then, my internet breaks. Fucking Comcast decided to be my big problem this time. And since I’m used to things going wrong on my end, I go through everything [including resetting my router to factory default settings] before even thinking of calling Comcast. And the problem was theirs, not mine.

And now, I’m not even happy. You’d think having a whole terabyte in my computer would make me happy [the new drive is actually a 500gb SATA, but with the other drives, it still ads up], but I’m just not. It’s nothing now. Not like the two 100s I had excitingly combined into a single 200 way back when. And not even a little exciting like the two 200s I’ve been using for a while. Time has passed, and now all I can think is ‘yeah, I probably have that in DVD-Rs. So what.’

I wonder what exciting problems I’ll run into when I try to put the other drive into Gremlin’s tower….

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