More yahoo answers stupidity.

This doesn’t quite make up for skipping both spam and pedoday, but I don’t care. I’ve been waiting to see this exact example of stupidity ever since I first saw this image.

Franklin H asked — “Congrefs of the United States”? Were the founding fathers illiterate? [2 Weeks Ago]

Actually, I’ve been waiting for someone to make the argument that the ‘founding fathers’ were ‘too stupid to take seriously’, possibly with that being why the ‘bill of rights’ is ‘dumb’ or ‘pointless’ or should otherwise be ignored. Because they couldn’t possibly know what they were doing if they spelled it ‘Congrefs’.

Naturally, some of the answers are equally stupid. Something named ‘Taliban master’ said, ‘George washington was and so was john adams.’ I guess he must’ve been called ‘Republicans suck’ before, because that’s how he’s being replied to. And, of course, the longer posts are in response to him and not the questioner.

The one marked best by the asker:

‘No but Webster was.’

The one that probably should’ve been best was the one that mentioned that penmanship was different at the time.

There’s this one, which doesn’t seem to have any context:

‘No. Old English is no longer used today as it was in the late 1700s. Try a language history course.

I cringe when I guess your thoughts on Homer and Shakespeare.’

What’s Homer got to do with this?

I wonder if this is a typo:

No, the style of writing was different then. Those letters that look like f’s are elongated s’s. That is why the word congress looks like congreff

This question also caught my attention:

If marijuana is such a bad drug, then why are there so many intelligent people who smoke a joint?

I’m fairly certain this question actually reads more like a series of strange noises intended to get trolls to come in for their daily feeding.

Based on the little not-quite-timestamps, it worked. The original question was posted ’13 minutes ago’, and the replies start at ‘6 minutes ago’.

You are clearly mistaken.

Smart people do not smoke marijuana.

From my own observations, people who smoke marijuana are stupid.

It is possible that they might have been smart before they started smoking marijuana.

In fact I would be willing to bet that smoking marijuana reduces your IQ score.

I would like to see a study that investigates the effect of smoking marijuana on your IQ score.

I would be willing to bet that the result will show a dramatic reduction in the IQ of people as a result of their smoking marijuana.
Ethel C
6 minutes ago

…which means, I think, “I would like to see a study that agrees with me, and only a study that agrees with me. Any study that does not agree with me is fake, and obviously done by stupid, stupid potheads.”

They arent smart, they just think they are… Thats why they are high.
4 minutes ago

Not that smart would be better than being high. Oh no. Smart is also bad. Smart means you can’t be popular. So don’t be smart either.

There are no truly intelligent people that smoke marijuana. Because people who really are smart know that it causes a lot of health problems and if they get caught with it, they are going to jail.
4 minutes ago

Because intelligence is measured by your ability to assess risk. No, wait, maybe that’s insurability. Same letters, though, so it counts.

There was also a somewhat intelligent answer in there, but I chose to skip it.

If anything new shows up after I post this, feel free to comment about it.

One thought on “More yahoo answers stupidity.

  1. It’s called calligraphy. Like cursive, only way cooler and more difficult to do well. Also, yes, many of the founding fathers grew hemp. Not for smoking – they had snuff, which would make today’s hard-core potheads look like pussies in comparison. They grew hemp because it happens to be an excellent fiber for ropes. As for all those claims that smoking pot is only for the stupid, or makes you stupid, or whatever, I’m going to throw that in the urban legend pile. Right along with the idea of pot as a ‘gateway drug’ which has been disproved many times in scientific studies. It’s a bit like saying that only stupid women get stuck in abusive relationships or only morons end up alcoholics.

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