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I like it when customer service happens at me — especially when it happens at me in unexpected levels of goodness.

Yeah, I know. You’re probably all familiar with my history of experiences with customer service, and how bad it usually is, so any good customer service could be considered to be ‘unexpected’. But I do know the difference between ‘appropriate levels of customer service’ and ‘above and beyond’.

I just had one of those experiences that, while maybe not ‘above and beyond’, is at least living across the street from it.

Last week, after ordering and trying some ‘tasters’ from NuVape, I decided that the only flavour I really liked enough to order a bunch of was Cola. Because I like e-smokeytreats’ Vanilla more. And I can’t fault them for that — vanilla’s hard. And neither of them quite got the chocolate I was looking for [JohnsonCreek did that]. I did like their Grape, but I don’t think I could stand much of it. So: cola. Because it tastes like a coke icee from Hills.

There was a problem, though. They ran out of PG Cola, and only had non-PG. They offered a substitution, which I accepted, but not without expressing a concern that it might not taste as good.

And, to me, it doesn’t. But that’s not the only problem.

The bottle leaked during shipping. There was an oily, Cola-smelling residue all over the inside of the packaging. Which sucked. So, I emailed Nuvape to tell them about it.

They got back to me today. With a tracking number. They’re sending me the PG Cola I originally ordered. All they asked was that I send a picture of the bottle, if I could. Not necessary, really. It’d just be a good way to encourage the people filling the bottles to seal them properly.

So, I took a picture of it, showing the oddly faded, kinda messy Nuvape/Cola branding label, and the smeary, almost-unreadable nicotine level sticker [which, oddly enough, becomes almost readable when the flash goes off]. And I thanked them.

Because I never actually expected anything out of them. Because, for me, normal customer service really does border on being ignored….

Good on you, NuVape. You’ve earned yourself a repeat customer. And maybe some referrals.

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