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I’ve still got a few websites that need doing, but something happened to annoy me enough that they’ve kinda stalled.

So, maybe I should focus on content for a while.

Y’know. For here.

I’ve been wanting to do something about videogames for a while. I’m not a big name, so I don’t get paid by game publishers to review games [and I’d probably object to that, anyway, since they kinda want positive reviews]; also, I’m not exactly in a position to go out and buy the hottest new games. I’m not even interested in most of them.

Possibly because I’m a girl. Also, the gaming industry isn’t exactly cranking out games like Arkham Assylum, Legend of Zelda and Resident Evil 5.

But…I’m a girl. So, naturally, I own a DS. And that gives me an idea…that I had last year during the Pre-Giftmas sales at Kohls.

There are a buttload [American, not metric] of girly-games for the DS. Games specifically released to appeal to that percentage of the human race that just had to have the pink DS because it coordinated oh-so-nicely with their ovaries.

My DS is green and black, but, well, I can’t actually tell what colour my ovaries are. It’s dark in there.

Also, there’s the slight issue where I’m 29, and not the sum of 2 and 9, which is probably the age group these games were created for [I didn’t bother to look at the ratings; I suppose I’ll have to, at some point]. That’s irrelevant, though.

Why? Because I don’t think that parts of my mind have changed that much. I’ve always been a bit of an outlier, gender-crap-wise. This is one thing I can safely blame on my parents. My mom, in spite of her ability to cook and her youthful desire to grow up to be a mother, isn’t much for the stereotypical role. Neither was my dad, who doesn’t hate cleaning and helped take care of me when my mom was off — I may be remembering this incorrectly, but I swear, at one point, she was actually on some sort of internal construction job for a new store at the mall.

Tangent. Where was I? Oh, who cares. I’ve never properly transitioned between paragraphs on this blog, anyway….

So: girl games. I’m going to obtain them, play them, and review them. You’re going to get to read about games that have been out for ages, that you’ve never heard of. Because I’m a girl, and I’m pretty sure they’re going to put a huge effort into offending me.

Yes. That’s really my only qualification. And I’m really putting an effort into justifying it. I might be able to come up with more qualifications. Like: I still shop in the teen clothing section, and I’ve got the bra size of your average, modern-day twelve year old. Good enough?

I hope so, because I’ve already started. This is going to be harder than Twilight, and I’m going to need a new tag….

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