This is the opposite of fun….

So, last week[ish], I woke up to find that my computer was…slightly broken. The display was out, but it was still running.

I figured Zombi must’ve gotten behind the computer again and given the cable a good whack…until I sat here and watched it happen again.

Ever see a computer’s display output when it hits a bad bit of RAM in the videocard? Pretty much the first screenshot here, but…slightly worse.

So, new videocard needed. Because my good one — the one in the TV tower — wouldn’t work with the parts my mom sent me. That might or might not be the fault of my powersupply, which might or might not be good enough to run everything I want in this thing.

I’m…kinda in hell, in other words. A very special hell. And I’m stuck here until the first, when the new [cheapest improvement I could find] card shows up. Also, there’s the matter of the power supply that was on sale at the same time….

I’m really not happy about this. I’d much rather be saving up for a shiny, entirely new system or something — or, y’know, some other spiffy toy, but…I can’t do a damned thing without that tower.

…I don’t even seem to be able to open a bottle of ranch dressing.

I’ve officially had enough of today.

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