In which I use my blog in what’s apparently the ‘proper’ way….

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Let’s define ‘blog’, shall we? It’s a journal where readers can interact with the person posting through the comments section, or…something.

No, really. Let’s be honest about it. In way too many cases, it’s a place for the writer to play on the sympathies of the readers and beg for cash and goods.

Let’s see if I can manage. I probably can’t, since I kinda suck at all of that crap.

In a week [I think], I get to visit an oral surgeon. I don’t know about the oral surgeon, but it’s certainly not social for me. It’s ‘no food or drink for x hours, appointment at, like, 7am or so, and being put at least partially under because needles in mouth = BAD’, which…okay, so maybe that’s about as social as I get, too.

Thanks to a combination of factors, all of which sound like bullshit justifications, my teeth are…no longer much good. Personally, I’m just going to say that I forgot to make the payments on them for the last ten years or so. I’m looking at the oral surgeon like some sort of crafty repo man who gets you into his chair, dopes you up, and steals your teeth while you’re out of it.

Then, I get to wait to talk to another dentist about the rest of the treatment plan, which…hasn’t been made yet. So…whatever that’ll be, I guess it’ll be a surprise. Gosh, I love surprises.

I figure that I’ll find a way to stock up on the least repulsive drinkable-thing-with-nutritional-value possible [I hope Boost hasn’t changed much since I’d swipe sips from my sister’s], and pudding. Because, pudding.

I’ll probably be sick of the concept of chocolate before the second day, but whatever.

I figure, I can’t spend all my time asleep, and, while I’m sure drugged-up ramblings in chat may entertain you for a little bit, I don’t know how much of that I’ll be doing.

What I do know is that I have a Kindle, which gave me the idea for this post.

See, I figure I can probably read. And, if I were to be the recipient of some gift cards, I might even be able to buy some books. And they can totally be sent to me at

Even if I’m not quite as blah as I suspect I might be, I’ll probably still buy books. Because I foresee long hours spent in waiting rooms, trying to ignore the fact that the waiting room is attached to the dentist.

See? I suck at this.

On a brighter note, I’m giving out all sorts of information for the people who obsessively loathe me. That should keep my life…fairly boring.

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One thought on “In which I use my blog in what’s apparently the ‘proper’ way….

  1. I demand druged up chat time. At least a little bit. I’m sure you can get some in before your mouth is able to convey to your brain that it’s in throbbing, excruitiating, medieval torture-like pain.

    I have a similar experience coming up, I think. Several of my teeth need root canals and at least one of them needs to be extracted before I shoot myself in the face.

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