Time for a change.

I ran into some problems, and, for a while, the problems seemed too big for me to fix.

Some of them are. Some of them weren’t, but I decided they were. And this is my solution. Burn it all to the ground, and start over.

I managed to salvage the posts, but I’m not sure if I’m keeping them all. A lot of things have been hidden until I can fix a few things. And a few things are just going to go away.

The series of posts about Twilight are still there, of course. And I’ll be fixing the posts about Peter Popoff, because that was just too much effort to lose.

I might not have absolutely everything restored here by the time I decide to launch, and it might not be the cleanest launch ever, but I’m reasonably certain it’ll do better than the Challenger’s last launch. Whether or not it’ll suffer the same fate as the Columbia remains to be seen.

I really do have some plans for posts — quite a few, actually. More than I’ve ever actually planned on before. This time, I didn’t write them down on a dry erase sticker that’s conveniently placed to be leaned against.

Yeah, I suck at planning ahead.

Anyway…new additions include the share options at the bottom of every post, and there should be the option to comment using your Facebook account. There are links to my social network profiles in a drop-downey-thing — oh, yeah, I have spiffy new menus now — under About Me. Categories! is navigable that way, too. I may or may not have the Idiot Archive reintegrated by the time I launch this, since that’s going to be a lot of work, and it would kinda destroy the privacy of all this if I actually managed to get it to work before launching this. Not that anyone visits my site.

What else? Should I go into my plans some more? Well, I’m thinking maybe I should talk about myself a bit more. I might be able to write a few things up interestingly, and people might be entertained by the way a depressed, anxious person reacts to the shit they can deal with easily. I still want to ‘review’ the really stupid ‘girly’ type games, and having a good Android device opens up all manner of truly insipid games. I also still want to question the sanity of nature [because it is well and truly fucked — stop walking, fish, you’re supposed to swim!], so I might do that.

And you might want to just block me now, because I’m totally going to give 50 Shades the Twilight Treatment, assuming it doesn’t kill me first.

There’s a few more things, but I haven’t quite settled on how I’m going to use them. So, that’s kinda it, for now. Those are the promises I’ll probably break, because I’m horribly unreliable, and prone to long stretches of non-productivity followed by extremely short bursts of slightly-less-non-productivity. For all I know, I just used up the last of my words writing this.

See you soon.

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