And then, stuff happened.

So, yeah, my last post was apparently upsetting to a few people. It wasn’t meant that way — I was just being honest.

That’s a tiny bit of what it’s like to be depressed. No matter how many people you have in your life — people who care — it’s all darkness and pain.

But that was my last post, and this is this post. I have other stuff to talk about in this post.

First, the issue with the house title and the typo.

It has been resolved, as far as I know.

The title company passed it off to the underwriter. The underwriter danced around the issue a bit, demanding a copy of the policy. There were confusing things said, and a few unsettling things, but, in the end, they agreed to write up a scrivener’s affidavit, and pay to file it electronically, and email me a copy once all that was done.

I finally have that.

While waiting for all this to happen, I was also running around, helping Sara and Sean move in. I loaned them my tiny little hand carts to help get more boxes in at once, and got to put together a bunch of flat pack furniture.

I assembled my very first futon, in fact. Almost entirely by myself — I did kinda need Sean’s help with telling left from right, since I have some pretty serious issues with that shit.

In return, I got a bunch of soft, fuzzy socks, and access to a printer.

Because I didn’t have a printer, and I really needed one to print out a few things.

I used to have a printer. A decent, but cheap, HP All in One, because I tend to scan more than I print, and the idea of having my own copier is still really nifty. It quit being…anything…at some point, and I just decided to exist without a printer, or a scanner.

I was more annoyed by being without a scanner, and I’ve been looking at scanners off and on ever since…but I couldn’t really justify the expense.

Last week, I was talking to my mom about everything, mentioning that the issue had finally been resolved, but I’d probably need to borrow a printer again to print a copy of the affidavit, and probably make a copy of the letter, since I was seriously considering mailing everything instead of faxing it at that point.

I showed her the scanner I’d been considering. And, then, I promptly forgot about it.

A few days later, my mom told me that I’d be getting two packages. They were either ‘early birthday’ or ‘just because we love you’ presents.

Friday, a box large enough for me to curl up in arrived.

Yes. Seriously. That large.

You might be thinking, “Well, that’s not very big. You claim to be a small person, and, if you’re telling the truth, you’d probably fit in the average car trunk, and LOTS of things fit in the trunks of cars.” But those are attached to cars, which are also fairly large things. So you expect them to be large. Boxes, though, being not attached to large things powered by…cars are basically powered by explosions, right? Yeah, boxes aren’t attached to those, so they’re a little shocking when they just show up being all too big to fit on your front step.

And, yes, I later tested it. I really could curl up in the box and close it. It was cozy.

Inside that box was another box. A box containing a big, shiny, Canon Pixma MX922.

My parents got me a printer. A fairly serious printer, for a non-laser, home-type printer — at least, in my opinion. It’s at least three times the printer I would’ve purchased for myself.

They also got me extra ink for it [it arrived on Saturday], which, if you’re going to gift someone a printer, is probably the best thing you can ALSO get for them. Unless you’re a prankish dick who wants to spend a lot of money sending them paper one sheet at a time.

I spent much of Friday posting pictures and writing random status updates about this thing on Facebook — about the magic of scanning and printing from a phone, the dark wizardry of not having to plug it in to any computer, the baby-sacrificing satanic wonder of effortless double-sided copying and double-sided printing. I may have even squeed a little about it being a flatbed AND one of those funny feeder things.

I absolutely squeed at the idea of two different paper drawers, and a ‘printouts come out here and land here’ thing that automagically flips open all by itself.

There was one more surprise for me, though. A really, really unexpected one.

Gremlin bought me a 3DS.

A few of you probably know that I loved my DSLite — it was the handheld game system that I played the most, out of every handheld I’ve ever owned. And I owned the original Gameboy Grey Brick, so I’ve been at this for a while.

The DSLite was brilliant. It made sense, and it had a lot of good games. And I wore mine out, I used it so much. My touch-screen’s digitizer went all kerflooey, and my hinge broke.

I’d fixed it, though. I replaced the outer shell — actually, I did a custom mix of the original black and a lovely green — and replaced the outer part of the touch screen. It worked for another year or so, before the upper screen started having issues. Wire-based issues that I knew I couldn’t fix.

I gave up on it.

It wasn’t so bad, though. Sure, I was without well-designed Picross games for a while, but my phone was touch-screen, and I could play solitaire, and maybe some other games, sometimes. And then, I had a Nexus 7, and, eventually, I found a relatively well designed Picross-type game for it.

But I still missed my DS. I ended up borrowing Gremlin’s…because I’d just bought Picross 3D.

Which, by the way? I found in the ‘Seriously, Grandma? Do you hate your grandkids that much? Don’t buy anything from here, you confused old person.’ discount bin at Toys R Us.

Really great game, by the way.

I’m not sure why Gremlin decided to buy me a 3DS right then, although I think he explained it to me at some point. He also explained why he didn’t get me the all-black one [based on the pixels he selected in Photoshop, the colour of the ‘Aqua’ one was very close to the teal I tend to use in certain things].

I was mostly too busy staring at it, and feeling a little spoiled.

Because, seriously: big, shiny, awesome printer/scanner/copier AND a new way to play Picross without stealing his DS? Yeah. Kinda felt spoiled.

I didn’t really get spoiled when I was a kid. Right now? I’m thinking it’s actually way better to be spoiled by people as an adult. You appreciate the things more, and they’re useful for much longer, because you understand their value and are more likely to take care of the things.

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