3DS, and DSLite. A comparison, or something.

As I mentioned in my last post, I got super spoiled last week. I’d like to blame that for my lack of productivity here, but I’ve been having some motivation and clarity issues. And a few depression issues.

Also, I’ve been trying to clean a little. Cleaning meant I found my camera, my card reader, and the charging cable for my camera.

Now we’re in trouble….

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Solitaire Blitz

I kinda suck at reviewing. My style could best be called Spoiler Alert [for proof, see my posts about Twilight]. But, I kinda want to do it anyway, because ‘reviewing’ seems like one of the easiest ways to produce content — it’s not like I’m going to pop out a kid or anything, and I’m going to run out of interesting things to say about being a mental Superfund Site.

So let’s start small, with Solitaire Blitz — a silly social game on Facebook.

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NES Controller TV Stand

I’m a terrible slacker. We all know this about me. And, like all terrible slackers, my slacking tends to bite me in the ass, like it did yesterday.

See, I was supposed to be clearing out some space over the weekend to be ready for this incredible custom TV stand a friend of mine was building for me. But, between my general feeling-like-shit and laziness, I ended up going to bed before I was really done. Because it’s me, I went to bed at around seven Monday morning.

Right around noon, Gremlin wakes me up, telling me that it’s time — they’re going to bring it over now, so we need to move some stuff.

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