A potentially annoying idea.

Ideas. I have them sometimes. I don’t often talk about them because some of them are like that apple patent I recently read about that forces people to interact with an ad, or their shit will be locked up.

This might be one of those, assuming it doesn’t already exist.

So, I’ve got this DVR through Comcast, and I noticed a few things about it, and it’s given me an idea for a feature it could probably have with a little bit of extra work on…someone else’s part.
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Well, that was…interesting.

I got stuff done.

Nothing here, so don’t bother looking around. Or, do. Because it really doesn’t hurt me either way. But I got a bunch of stuff done, so, interesting.

Because, mostly, I don’t get much done. Mostly.
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Take your ball and go home.

We don’t need it; mine’s so much cooler anyway….

I should probably be a little more clear, shouldn’t I? I’m talking about gay marriage – well, marriage, really. ‘Marriage’ being the ‘ball’, and the people bitching about the ‘sanctity’ thereof being those who need to shut the fuck up and go home.

Because I’ve got an idea. A really awesome idea – awesome because it’s mine, and I’m feeling particularly awesome right now.

Don’t worry; it’ll pass.
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