Well, that was…interesting.

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I got stuff done.

Nothing here, so don’t bother looking around. Or, do. Because it really doesn’t hurt me either way. But I got a bunch of stuff done, so, interesting.

Because, mostly, I don’t get much done. Mostly.

In the past couple of…I don’t know. Days or so…I managed to get the theme over at gremlin.net working, then I went straight into tweaking a theme for Wasted, Inc.

gremlin.net took a while because I was starting from scratch; Wasted, however, was pretty quick, since it was heavily based on a theme that already existed, and all I really had to do was…gut it. I’m good at that.

Since I was doing so good, I decided that it was time to dive into something I’d never actually done before: a skin for phpbb3. Starting out with a theme that kindasorta had what I kindasorta wanted, I went through, learned everything I could, and applied it to the board. Thanks to some inspiration from some phpbb3 theme site that I can’t get to load for me right now, and a lot of help from the phpbb knowledgebase, I was able to add whole new template files. Sure, the board doesn’t look exactly like the blog, but it’s damned close.

Now I’m moving on to another skin. Because working on that is so much better than bothering to think up anything for any of my dormant projects.

So, I’ve got this theory [theory, definition 4, ‘shit I just made up’] — all this productivity is bad. It’s a symptom of something. Combine that with the fact that I’ve watched far too much House MD, and I came up with cancer [because it’s never lupus, except for that once].

If you’re unfamiliar with the show, there’s usually one theory involving cancer. The cancer is either causing paraneoplastic syndrome, or secreting some naturally-occuring hormone that causes bad things.

Thinking about it now, both work for this theory.

Cancer version 1 could easily be causing an overzealous immune response, and said response could be attacking my naturally-occurring…um…procrastination cells. Procrastanocytes. Yeah. Now, normally, I have a very high natural level of procrastanocytes, but they’re being killed off by this immune response, leading me to actually get things done.

Never heard of procrastanocytes? Well, they’re these little cells in your blood that just sorta hang around and don’t do much. They don’t really even circulate, unless they get picked up by something else. They’ll often collect in the brain and just hang out for years, not really doing much of anything. When this happens, you can come up with brilliant reasons for why you shouldn’t bother doing things until later.

Cancer version 2, on the other hand, is just pumping out massive quantities of productivity. Productivity I don’t have an unclever name for. But we’ll just pretend that productivity is some sort of neuro-chemical thingy that makes you productive.

I’m not really sure where these cancers would hang out, but I’m guessing it’s not my brain. My first thought was ‘pancreas’, because it already makes insulin, so why not a tumour that pumps out productivity? But the first one? My money’s on spleen.


So, what’s the treatment for a fictional cancer [for which the only symptom is ‘getting shit done’]?

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