It actually worked!

The post office thing from yesterday? Actually worked. It’s amazing.

Not only did it get here, but it got here before noon, and the mailman knocked and didn’t instantly disappear.

Is it very, very sad that I’m pleased when people actually do their jobs?

This is why I don’t buy stamps anymore….

I got a ‘We tried to deliver something by knocking on your door and disappearing as if we were never there’ notice from the Post Office on Monday.

I told them to redeliver it Tuesday [online, while making sure I could do that over the phone].

I wait up on Tuesday to make sure I get it.

It’s Wednesday now. Guess what….
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My missing Netflix found its way home.

I hobbled down to the mailbox a few minutes ago and found a surprise — four red envelopes. Some people might not think that’s a little weird, because they’re on one of the bigger plans, but it’s not exactly normal for us average 3-at-a-timers.

Even stranger, they were all addressed to me.

The missing one showed up, almost a week late. It’s pretty beat up, and there’s this funny yellow sticker on it. Continue reading