Modern Biology – Gregor Mendel Edition

Last year sometime, I picked up a few textbooks at The Ark [a thrift store] – pretty good ones, too. A biology textbook for non-science majors, a microbiology one, and I think there was one on chemistry.

And then there was this one.
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Let us give thanks….

Thank you, oh Vague and Random Visual Stimulus, for taking such a shape as to lead to the formation of this particular church of Collective Religious Hysteria, and for not being at all responsible for their getting ahold of my physical address. In spite of the creepy localness, I appreciate the content you have given me.

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No, I didn’t go.

As far as I know, there was a protest here in the Denver area, as well as maybe one in Boulder. I don’t know about the Boulder one, but the Denver protest may’ve had sixty people.

I wonder if that had anything to do with someone deciding they only wanted ‘anons’ and not ‘internet fags who saw it on youtube’.
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