Focus on the Family

Okay, now that I’ve got a minute to myself….

I got this letter last week. I typed it all in, and promptly lost it, which is a little annoying, but, hey, at least I typed it all in.

Also, I still have the envelope.
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It’s happened. It’s finally happened.

I got completely unsolicited mail from Scientology.

I’ve blurred everything addressey out because, well, it’s Scientology. And I really don’t want them figuring out, through process of elimination, which of the houses within the specific mail-out radius of this particular mission is responsible for this.

That’s not what I saw first, though. Not the address, or the ‘Are you holding yourself back in life?’ question. No, this is what I saw first:
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Let us give thanks….

Thank you, oh Vague and Random Visual Stimulus, for taking such a shape as to lead to the formation of this particular church of Collective Religious Hysteria, and for not being at all responsible for their getting ahold of my physical address. In spite of the creepy localness, I appreciate the content you have given me.

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