You’ll find some interesting facts.

I’m not dead. I’m sure that disappoints a few people, but I’m like that. I just haven’t had anything worth posting about. But, hey, $.78 spent a few months ago solved that.
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It’s happened. It’s finally happened.

I got completely unsolicited mail from Scientology.

I’ve blurred everything addressey out because, well, it’s Scientology. And I really don’t want them figuring out, through process of elimination, which of the houses within the specific mail-out radius of this particular mission is responsible for this.

That’s not what I saw first, though. Not the address, or the ‘Are you holding yourself back in life?’ question. No, this is what I saw first:
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Modern Biology – Gregor Mendel Edition

Last year sometime, I picked up a few textbooks at The Ark [a thrift store] – pretty good ones, too. A biology textbook for non-science majors, a microbiology one, and I think there was one on chemistry.

And then there was this one.
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