I can’t explain myself.

I have a lot of bad habits.

One of them, obviously, is not posting for an extended period of time. I can explain that: two migraine headaches in a row [one four days long, one still lingering], and a great deal of terror and lack of focus caused by a new medication.

Well, I’ve been on that for a few days, and I’ve actually been remembering to take it. My sleep has certainly improved, and the constant ‘gonna yarf’ feeling seems to be mostly gone, so it’s doing part of the job it’s supposed to.

That’s not what I want to post about, though. Or talk about. Or…y’know, I should probably work out what words I want to use before I start using words.
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Head On.

Headaches can make you do things that you regret. Like buying a crappy stick of homeopathic bullshit just to see if it works. Life’s not fair like that.

Just to prove that life isn’t fair: it does work. A little. A very little.
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